Block malicious web scraping without affecting legitimate users

To assure guaranteed detection and scraping prevention we offer you ScrapeSentry. A complete combination of technology, behavioral analysis, expertise and most importantly 24/7 human moderation.

We make sure that legitimate users get through and offenders get blocked.

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24/7 Managed Service

ScrapeSentry is a 24/7 Managed Service with the highest level of SLA. The ScrapeSentry managed appliance on site monitors a copy of the traffic going into protected websites. Our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) manned by experienced security analysts ensures that even the most advanced attacks gets blocked.

We provide intelligence

With ScrapeSentry you get a real-time detection and blocking service invisible and seamless to legitimate users with reporting and metrics provided by anti scraping analysts.
Insights from our service delivery gives you the full picture of your scraping situation and how to deal with it.

How it works

The ScrapeSentry service monitors traffic for anomalies, suspect behavior or other signs of misuse. When the system detects malicious traffic it will analyze it and if the risks appear to be relatively low or obscure, it will generate an alert to a security analyst that will act according to the client specific Incident Response Plan.

Blocks web scraping and adds business value

The ScrapeSentry Anti Scraping Service developed by Sentor has been successfully provided to leading online brands since 2006. ScrapeSentry provides your company with:

  • Extended knowledge of site users
  • Extended content control
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Improved site availability

ScrapeSentry benefits

Preventing web scraping will always be an arms race since scrapers are highly motivated and professional. To stay on top of the problem, prevention systems need to be continuously developed and monitored. The Sentor team has more experience than anyone else in the world handling malicious scraping. This is some of the features that ScrapeSentry comes with:

  • 24/7 Security Operations Center manned by scraping analysts
  • SLA and IRP driven delivery with a dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • Solutions available for Web, Mobile and API traffic
  • Multiple forms of blocking enforcement options (Loadbalancer, Web and Application)
  • 50+ proprietary test plug-ins
  • All data shared via The ScrapeSentry Portal
  • Scheduled review and strategy meetings

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Testimonial from easyJet

“This project has been a great success for us. It provides us with a highly effective, speedy, 24 hour automated system for detecting and giving us the information needed to act upon or even block scraping activity if we wish to.”
Jerry Dunn
Distribution Development Manager at easyJet

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Testimonial from Ladbrokes

“We have been working with Sentor on this scraping matter and are extremely satisfied with the advice and services that they have provided us with. Their expertise and capability of managing this issue has become invaluable to us.”

Mike Gaffney
IT Manager at Ladbrokes

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