We have identified sectors at risk

Your business could be at risk. Scrapers are today very dedicated and may cause significant damage. They want to steal your information in order to steal visitors from your site.

Web scrapers often hit websites at very high rates causing significant load on servers and infrastructure. The fact that they are using programs rather than the browsers your site is optimized for may also cause additional problems with caching for example.

As scrapers often use hundreds or even thousands of IP addresses to access the sites, even a small problem in the program they use can often cause traffic very similar to DDoS attacks against the site.

Block scraping with ScrapeSentry


Online Directories

It is a well known fact that online directories and yellow pages are frequent targets of systematic data theft also known as “scraping”. It is also becoming more and more evident that scraping poses a serious threat to these directories.



Are you constantly loosing add-on sales from your web site because travelers are going to other web sites in order to buy tickets to your flights?
Then you may have a problem with malicious web scraping.



It is a fact that online betting companies are suffering from web scraping. It could have a major impact on servers and bandwidth resources. High volume scraping  could cause a Denial of Service and prevent legitimate users from placing their bets.



Online business-to-business portals are frequent targets of systematic data theft.
Competing companies are effortlessly getting their hands on data you have spend both time and money to gather and publish.


Online Property

Online property portals usually get a major part of their revenue from advertising. Both from real estate agents advertising property on their web site and from other companies advertising property related businesses – such as building or gardening.



Aggregators are targeting insurance companies in order to view the best prices on different insurances. But insurances are not comparable in all aspects which could lead to a disadvantage in rankings for some companies.