Without protection you will be an easy target

Your business could be at risk. Scrapers are today very dedicated and may cause significant damage. They want to steal your information in order to steal visitors from your site.

Web scrapers often hit websites at very high rates causing significant load on servers and infrastructure. The fact that they are using programs rather than the browsers your site is optimized for may also cause additional problems with caching for example.

As scrapers often use hundreds or even thousands of IP adresses to access the sites, even a small problem in the program they use can often cause traffic very similar to DDoS attacks against the site.

Block scraping with ScrapeSentry


Information theft

Scrapers are aware of the value of your information. They collect the information and redisplay it on other sites in slightly different ways. By scraping your information they are able to offer their customers the same information as you but without the costs for collecting it. Your content is no longer unique and your market position is threatened.

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Competitor spying

Companies in the e-commerce sector are frequent targets for systematic scraping attacks. Competitors may scrape in order to get constant control over your prices and inventory. They can use the information to automatically adapt their prices in a beneficial way for their business.

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Load on infrastructure

High volume scraping can cause significant load on your infrastructure and in a worst case scenario it could mean that your sites goes down. For companies with a business model relying on incomes from online transactions it is vital to secure your site from malicious scraping.

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Loss of add-on sales

Are you constantly loosing add-on sales from your web site because users are going to other web sites in order to buy tickets? Then you may be a target for scrapers that collects your information for their own purposes. This may cause major impact on your sales.


Comparison sites

Consumers search on comparison sites before they buy products and services. Comparison sites often get the information by scraping your site. For certain companies that compete with other values than price it is not advantageous to be on comparison sites.



Betting companies are often targeted by scrapers because they want to find situations where they can take advantage of the odds difference between two or more markets. By scraping betting sites they are able to place safe bets where loosing money is impossible.