The scraping threats

How to counter Scraping?



Preventing scraping has to be very timely because if there is a delay in detection they will already have your data. It is a full time job and you will have to be fully alert to detect the very slight variations in behavioural patterns that scrapers adapt themselves when faced with countermeasures.

Technology is not enough

Fighting scrapers is a combination of technology, expertise and human knowhow. We combine all those to provide a guaranteed solution to the scraping threat.

ScrapeSentry, built on the Assassin technology platform, developed and powered by Sentor Managed Security Services, has been offering Anti Scraping solutions and researching the technology evolution in Scraping for the past 6 years. We have amassed everything there is to know about the subject and the skills to prevent it. For more information please contact us or consult

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We offer effective solutions to companies in several sectors. Our clients, many of which are long term, are testament to our commitment.