The scraping threats

What are the main reasons to prevent screen scraping?


Operational and infrastructure impact - Overloads server and bandwidth resources

Screen scrapers often hit the websites at very high rates causing significant load on servers and infrastructure. The fact that they are using programs rather than the browsers your site is optimized for may also cause additional problems with for example caching.

Denial of Service from high volume scraping

As scrapers often use hundreds or even thousands of IP adresses to access the sites, even a small problem in the program they use often cause traffic very simialr to ddos attacks against the site.

Content is no longer unique to you - Dilutes the value of you data

Often the end goal for the scrapers is to take the unique data provided by a website and redisplay it on other sites in a slightly different way. This in turn can cause problems wioth search engine rankings and steal traffic away from the site.

Commercial impact and loss of revenue

The commercial impact of not preventing screen scraping is very much dependant on the specific type of business that is affected. See the executive report for detailed information about each sectors problems with screen scraping.

Without proper detection and blocking YOU  do the work for the scrapers.



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