After 6 years of experience offering anti scraping services to our customers we know that technology is not enough to combat the scrapers. If they are determined to get to your data they will find ways to get around automatic blocking. Even CAPTCHA challenges are being broken by both optical character recognition and determined hackers.

The only way to assure guaranteed detection and scraping prevention is to offer a combination of technology, behavioural analysis, expertise and most importantly 24/7 human moderation. The important thing to you is that legitimate users are never blocked or affected and that only offenders are prevented.


The solutions we offer:

Scraper Analysis (Proof of concept)

  • 2 or 3 month project that allows you to get a understanding of the full extent of scraping on your brands
  • Is the impact of scrapers operational, commercial, legal or a combination?
  • Includes the ScrapeSentry managed appliance on site
  • Dedicated project management team and Technical Account team

 Anti Scraping Managed Service (to prevent all forms of scraping)

  • Managed service with highest level SLA
  • Includes the ScrapeSentry managed appliance on site
  • Dedicated Technical Account Management, ITIL process
  • 24/7 SENTOR Security Operation Centre operation for moderation
  • Real-Time detection and blocking
  • Timely reports and metrics

Business intelligence

  • Anti Scraping consultancy
  • Business counter intelligence
  • Counter measures recommendation
  • Custom user analysis and reports

We have solutions to fit your, sector, traffic volumes, business models and budgets. The solutions range from ScrapeSentry Appliances and fully managed service running in Real-Time detection to ad-hoc reporting on raw logs.

All solutions are powered by the tried and tested ASSASSIN Anti Scraping System Technology developed by Sentor Managed Security Services. We have evolved the ASSASSIN system over the years in response to the growing Scraping menace and evolution of Scraping techniques. You will also benefit from the growing database of known offenders and continuous research into the Scraping menace.


Key Features

  • Managed anti scraping appliance
  • Over 50 patent pending algorithmic tests
  • Global scraper database
  • Customisable dashboard and reports
  • 24/7 access to Sentor security operation center
  • Anti scraping expert service
  • Business counter intelligence



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