For the past 6 years we have been preventing all forms of screen scraping for our customers sites. We have the pedigree, knowledge and experience to manage the threat to your business.

Fighting scrapers is a full time challenge requiring a combination of technology, expertise, knowhow and 24/7 human moderation. We combine all of these to provide a Service Level Agreement guarantee, ongoing visibility and business intelligence to counter the threat to your organisation.

The Solution

Prevent screen scraping

Scraping report

The only way to assure guaranteed detection and scraping prevention is by a combination of technology, behavioural analysis, expertise and most importantly 24/7 human moderation. The important thing to you is that legitimate users are never blocked or affected and that only offenders are prevented.


Your business is at risk from scrapers. We explain the negative impacts of scraping

"This project has been a great success for us. ScrapeSentry provides us with a highly effective, speedy, 24 hour automated system for detecting and subsequently blocking illegal scraping activity"
Nigel Ridgeon
Head of Analysis & Information

Martin Zetterlund of Sentor MSS presents an Executive Report on the Scraping issue. Click the arrow to download the Report PDF

Customer experience

We offer effective solutions to companies in several sectors. Our clients, many of which are long term, are testament to our commitment.