Prevent data theft with ScrapeSentry

To attract users and advertisers, online directories strive to deliver unique databases. Since the data is the core business for all online directories they are frequent targets of systematic data theft also known as scraping.

Online directories need to protect their database otherwise competitors will take for free what others spent time and resources to establish.

We introduce ScrapeSentry for Online Directories

In order to help online directories deal with scraping problems Sentor has developed an unique service customized just for their needs.

The service is completely dedicated to detecting and blocking scraping 24/7 in real-time. It incorporates more specific functionality for the industry including API analysis, customized reports and traffic analysis.

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  • Managed service with highest level SLA
  • Includes the ScrapeSentry Managed Appliance on site
  • Dedicated Technical Account Management
  • 24/7 Sentor Security Operation Centre operation for moderation
  • Real-Time detection and blocking
  • Timely reports and metrics

Customized for Online Directories

  • API Analysis
  • Customized reports
  • Traffic analysis and statistics recommends ScrapeSentry

“ScrapeSentry has been a great success for us. Sentor provides us with a highly effective and accurate system that is invisible to our normal customers and has a very low false positive rate.”
Nigel Ridgeon, Head of Analysis and Information at

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