Increase site availability with ScrapeSentry

Scraping itself has been growing and the trend takes on further significance in a marketplace where the latest information is key. With the introduction of real-time gaming it is even more important to have a highly accessible site where customers can go through with transactions.

Scraping could be very damaging since scrapers often hit the websites at very high rates causing significant load on servers and infrastructure. High volume scraping could in a worst case lead to a Denial of Service.

We introduce ScrapeSentry for Betting Companies

In order to help online betting companies deal with scraping problems Sentor has developed an unique service customized just for their needs.

The service is completely dedicated to detecting and blocking scraping 24/7 in real-time. But it does also incorporate more specific functionality for the industry, like group/user tracking and selective user blocking.

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  • Managed service with highest level SLA
  • Includes the ScrapeSentry Managed Appliance on site
  • Dedicated Technical Account Management
  • 24/7 Sentor Security Operation Centre operation for moderation
  • Real-Time detection and blocking
  • Timely reports and metrics

Customized for Betting Companies

  • Group/User tracking
  • Selective user blocking
  • Adjustable search frequency thresholds
  • Fast policy change for instant blocking and site-load control

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