Stop competitors from stealing your business

Airlines are constantly loosing add on sales from their web sites because travelers are using other sites in order to buy tickets. The airlines loses incomes from hotel and rental car bookings. This is a problem for the whole industry, but for low fare airlines in particular.

To maintain control over the sales channel and keep sales numbers at a significant level airlines need to protect their website from web scraping.

We introduce ScrapeSentry for the airline sector

In order to help airlines deal with scraping problems Sentor has developed an unique service customized for Airlines.

The service is completely dedicated to detecting and blocking scraping 24/7 in real-time. It incorporates more specific functionality for the industry including travel agent tracking and customized reports.

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  • Managed service with highest level SLA
  • Includes the ScrapeSentry Managed Appliance on site
  • Dedicated Technical Account Management
  • 24/7 Sentor Security Operation Centre operation for moderation
  • Real-Time detection and blocking
  • Timely reports and metrics

Customized for Airlines

  • Travel agent tracker
  • Named scraper blocking
  • Customized reports on selective groups (for legal purposes)
  • Transaction blocking

EasyJet recommends ScrapeSentry

This project has been a great success for us. It provides us with a highly effective, speedy, 24 hour automated system for detecting and giving us the information needed to act upon or even block scraping activity if we wish to.”
Jerry Dunn, Distribution Development Manager at easyJet

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