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Sentor MSS UK
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Sentor MSS AB
Hovslagargatan 5B,
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Your security is our business. If you feel your business is at risk please consider one of the following options. We have an 14 year track record at operating within the strictest integrity and confidentiality.

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Ask one of our experts to contact on a technical matter or commercial discussion. Please click this link: [email protected]

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To book a demonstration please contact us on +44 77 69 75 63 77 or [email protected].

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We can provide a free web conference demonstration using Citrix GoToMeeting. You will require a PC screen and either a microphone and speakers or a normal landline phone. To send an email request click here.

Request a Proof of Concept

We can conduct a proof of concept or a business case analyis of the Scraping Threat to your organisation. This is subject to the volume and extent of work required by us to conduct such analysis. The results will enable you to assess the extent of scraping and make a business case for the ScrapeSentry System.

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We offer effective solutions to companies in several sectors. Our clients, many of which are long term, are testament to our commitment.